Re: Corpora: Russian

Dr. Elisabeth Seitz (
Wed, 23 Sep 1998 11:11:24 +0200

Dear Natalja,

there are many Russian language text corpora, as you will have noticed, on
the www. A list with URLs is available on the Tuebingen University Slavic
Department's website, under "Slavische
Textcorpora, Zeitschriften und Bibliothekskataloge auf dem www". These
corpora are all untagged, and there is no online-query available. We are
preparing our own corpora for online-queries at present, we will make the
corpus accessible for the public as soon as possible.

Since you are at Uppsala University, I wonder why you don't mention the
Uppsala Corpus of Russian, contact person is:

Dr. Ingrid Maier
Institute of Slavic Languages
Box 513
S-751 20 Uppsala (Sweden)

This corpus is untagged as well, and it must be paid for (it's rather
expensive). But maybe students at Uppsala University may use it free?

Yesterday I put a file on the net
( my
paper on "Slavic text corpora and databases - new horizons in Slavic
linguistics", which I presented at a talk in Ljubljana (Slovenia) this year
March. You can find there the URLs of all Slavic text corpora and databases
on the www which are known to me, as well as bibliographical information
about attempts to develop tagged Russian corpora, most of them by
computational linguists in Moscow and Prague.

There is a digitalized version of Zaliznjak's Gramaticeskij slovar to be
bought in the US, if you are interested, I'll send you the e-mail address
of the relevant contact person there, I haven't got it here now.


Dr. Elisabeth Seitz, University of Tuebingen, Germany


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