Corpora: Russian

Natalia Zinovjeva (
Tue, 22 Sep 1998 13:54:05 +0200 (DFT)

Dear All,

My name is Natalia Zinovjeva. I'm a native Russian speaker, and a third
year student of computational linguistics at Uppsala University in
Sweden. I am soon to embark on my master's thesis project and naturally
I would like to try to do something for my mother tongue. So my
questions are:

What has been done for Russian in the area of computational linguistics?
Are there any tagged corpora of Russian text available (or untagged
corpora, if they are interesting in any other respect)?
Are there any machine readable lexica for Russian available?
Morphological descriptions? Grammars?
Do people feel that the methods developed for languages such as English
are adequate for Russian? (My own feeling is that they are not always

Thanks in advance.

Best regards,