Appendix 1


.   punctuation tag - full stop
  punctuation tag - ellipsis
(   punctuation tag - left bracket
!   punctuation tag - exclamation mark
&FO   formula
&FW   foreign word
**'   punctuation tag - close quotes
*_   punctuation tag - dash
*'   punctuation tag - open quotes
)   punctuation tag - right bracket
;   punctuation tag - semicolon
__   punctuation tag - new sentence marker
,   punctuation tag - comma
?   punctuaflon tag - question mark
:   punctuation tag - colon
ABL   pre-qualifier
ABN   pre-quantifler
ABX   pre-quantifier/double conjunction (both)
AP   post-determiner
AP$   post-determiner + genitive
APS   plural post-determiner (others)
APS$   plural post-determiner + genitive (others)
AT   singular artide (a, an, every)
ATI   singular or plural artide (the, no)
BE   be
BED   were
BEDZ   was
BEG   being
BEM   am
BEN   been
BER   are
BEZ   is
CC   coordinating conjunction
CD   cardinal
CD$   cardinal + genitive
CD-CD   hyphenated pair of cardinals
CDS   plural cardinal
CD1   one,
CD1$   one's
CD1S   ones
CS   subordinating conjunction
DO   do
DOD   did
DOZ   does
DT   singular determiner
DT$   singular determiner + genitive
DTI   singular or plural determiner
DTS   plural determiner
DTX   determiner/double conjunction (either/neither)
EX   existential there
HV   have
HVD   had
HVG   having
HVN   had(past participle)
HVZ   has
IN   preposition
JJ   adjective
JJB   attributive adjective
JJR   comparative adjective
JJT   superlative adjective
JNP   adjective with word-initial capital
MD   modal
NC   cited word
NN   singular common noun
NN$   singular common noun + genitive
NNP   singular common noun with word-initial capital
NNP$   singular common noun with WIC and genitive
NNPS   plural common noun with WIC
NNPS$   plural common noun with WIC + genitive
NNS   plural common noun
NNS$   plural common noun + genitive
NNU   abbreviated unit of measurernent unmarked for number
NNU$   abb. unit of measurernent unmarked for number + genitive
NNUS   abb. plural unit of measurernent
NNUS$   abb. plural unit of measurement + genitive
NP   singular proper noun
NP$   singular proper noun + genitive
NPL   singular locative noun with WIC
NPL$   singular locative noun with WIC + genitive
NPLS   plural locative noun with WIC
NPLS$   plural locative noun with WIC + genitive
NPS   plural proper noun
NPS$   plural proper noun + genitive
NPT   singular titular noun with WIC
NPT$   singular titular noun with WIC + genitive
NPTS   plural titular noun with WIC
NPTS$   plural titular noun with WIC + genitive
NR   singular adverbial noun
NRS   singular adverbial noun + genitive
NRS   plural adverbial noun
NRS$   plural adverbial noun + genitive
OD   ordinal
OD$   ordinal + genitive
PN   nominal pronoun
PN$   nominal pronoun + genitive
PP$   first possessive personal pronoun
PP   second possessive personal pronoun
PPL   singular reflexive personal pronoun
PPLS   plural reflexive personal pronoun
PP1A   i
PP1AS   we
PP1O   Me
PP1OS   us
PP2   you
PP3   it
PP3A   he,she
PP3AS   they
PP3O   him, her
PP3OS   them
OL   qualifier
QLP   post-qualifier (enough, indeed)
RB   adverb
RB$   adverb + genitive
RBR   comparative adverb
RBT   superlative adverb
RI   adverb (homograph of preposition)
RN   nominal adverb (here, there, now, then)
RP   adverb which can also be a particle
TO   infinitival to
UH   interjection
VB   verb
VBID   verb past tense
VBG   present participle
VBN   past participle
VBZ   verb 3rd person singular
WIDT   wh-determiner
WP   wh-pronoun, neutral between nomin. and obj.
WP$   possessive wh-pronoun
WPA   nominative wh-pronoun (whosoever)
WPO   objective wh-pronoun (whom, whomsoever)
WOL   wh-qualifier
WRB   wh-adverb
XNOT   not or n't
ZZ   letter of the alphabet

Total number of tags = 134