Corpora: Spanish Learner Corpus

SJ Stauffer (
Mon, 11 Oct 1999 23:24:07 -0400

Here's news about a small corpus of Spanish learner data.

On Saturday, at


I spoke very briefly on this topic:

GU-FLIRT Advanced Learner Study: Data coming to the Web

In 1996, a crosslinguistic language acquisition study, was mounted
in order to profile intermediate and advanced learners within Georgetown
University's curriculum. Data were collected using parallel tasks, both
oral and written, from non-native speakers of eight languages: Spanish,
French, German, Korean, Japanese, ESL, Italian, and Catalan. Now, with the
support of Georgetown's Research, Curriculum, and Development Group, these
data are being prepared for dissemination via the Web. See the following
URL for a description of the study. When the data are ready for public
use, a link to a searchable and downloadable database will be available
from this URL, as well.


Funding for the original study was provided by the Office of the Executive
Vice President at Georgetown University.

--Stephanie Stauffer
National Foreign Language Center
and Georgetown University

At 09:51 +0200 10/10/99, Eckhard Bick wrote:
>Hello Sharon Deckert,
>We have different Spanish language tools for teaching etc., available
>free on the internet at There is also a corpus
>section but we'd need to give you a password first, since this
>particular section of the site has so far been restricted to "local"
>use. If you have corpus data (or any large text) yourself, we'd be happy
>to make it available online for you students, if needed even with
>automatically added part of speech tags.
>Sharon K Deckert wrote:
>> Does anyone know of a Spanish corpora that can be accessed online at no
>> cost? We would like to know for a class we are teaching in which some of
>> the students would like to examine Spanish data for their research papers.
>> Any help would be appreciated.
>> Sharon Deckert
>Eckhard Bick
>, cand.mag.
>tel.: +45-86 283524
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