Corpora: Reminder: XML Research Dissemination Workshop 26 February in Edinburgh

Henry S. Thompson (
Wed, 3 Feb 1999 11:56:03 GMT

Research Dissemination Workshop:
Markup Technologies for Computational Linguistics

Hosted by the HCRC Language Technology Group

University of Edinburgh

25, 26 February 1999

The Language Technology Group, with support from EPSRC, ESRC and other
sources, has invested substantial effort over the last four years in
building up an inventory of tools and technologies for the markup of
language data. This in turn has led to the articulation of a
markup-based architecture for NLP systems, which we have used for
applications as diverse as discourse relation annotation, named entity
recognition and tokenisation. The goal of this workshop is to
introduce our work to a wider audience, with

* A tutorial on XML, the W3C standard based on SGML which is at the
heart of our work [No spaces left];
* Details of our use of markup technologies;
* Comparison and contrast with similar technologies developed

The keynote on Thursday evening will be given by Michael
Sperberg-McQueen, and promises to be both entertaining and informative.

See for details, including a pointer
to the online registration form.

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