Corpora: RECITAL'99 : Call for papers

Pierre Beust (
Thu, 4 Feb 1999 11:36:46 +0100

(New deadline: February the 21st 1999)


Rencontre des Etudiants Chercheurs en Informatique
pour le Traitement Automatique des Langues

Young Researchers Conference on Data Processing
for Automatic Treatment of Natural Language

Institut d'Etudes Scientifiques de Cargese (Corse)
du 12 au 17 juillet 1999

jointly with TALN'99

The third RECITAL symposium will take place jointly with TALN'99 conference
(Traitement Automatique des Langues Naturelles, Natural Languages Automatic
at Cargese (Corsica) from 12 to 17 July 1999.

The RECITAL'99 symposium offers to young researchers the opportunity
to meet, to present their work and to compare their approaches.

Jointly organised with TALN'99, RECITAL'99 would allow to its participants
to acquire a global view of most recent theories and of their actually
industrial applications.


Indicative topics

Classical topics :

- Analysis and comprehension of texts
- Generation of utterances in natural language
- Machine translation
- Production of summaries
- Autocorrection
- Human/Computer Interaction

Related topics :

- Linguistic resources (electronic lexicons, dictionaries, corpora,
- Lexical semantics (polysemia, categorization, etc.)
- Semantics of time and space (representation and reasoning)
- Logic (argumentation, modeling of the intentions and the beliefs,
- Architectures dedicated to the ATNL (multi-agents systems,
neuromimetic networks)
- Automatic acquisition of knowledge and Machine Learning
- Relations between ATNL and voice recognition

This list is not exhaustive and the relevance of a submission for the
conference will be assessed by the programme commitee.



Submissions will have to be written in French or in English by young
researchers (PHD in progress or defended after September 1998).
Full papers (may be up to 6 pages and should include a 200 words
abstract and a list of keywords) can be made on A4 paper in Times 12.

RECITAL'99 being the student session of TALN'99, papers submitted to
TALN'99 cannot be considered for the student session. Submission are
not anonymous and reviewers are invited to signed their reports.

Only electronic submissions will be considered, sent attached to
an email to:
Authors can use Postscript or RTF format, and, in addition, if they
want to guarantee their layout, join a PDF version.
Recommended LaTeX and Word style files are available on:

The selected papers will be presented at the time of RECITAL'99 in
the shape of an oral communication (20 minutes followed by 5 minutes
for questions), and will appear in the acts of TALN'99.


Important dates

New submission due : February 21, 1999
Notification of acceptance : April 12, 1999
Final version of papers due : May 10, 1999
Conference : July 12-17, 1999


Programme Comitee

Program Chair : Jacques Vergne (

Tassadit Amghar (LERIA, Angers)
Jean Caelen (CLIPS, Grenoble)
Paul Deléglise (LIUM, Le Mans)
Stéphane Ferrari (GREYC, Caen)
Brigitte Grau (LIMSI, Orsay)
Eric Laporte (Marne la Vallée)
Jérome Lehuen (LIUM, Le Mans)
Brigitte Le-Pevedic (VALORIA, Vannes)
Gérard Ligozat (LIMSI, Orsay)
Daniel Luzzati (LIUM, Le Mans)
Reza Mir-Samii (LIUM, Le Mans)
Denis Maurel (LI/E3i, Tours)
Anne Nicolle (GREYC, Caen)
Pierre Nugues (GREYC, Caen)
Didier Pernel (L&H, Belgique)
Marie-Paule Pery-Woodley (ERSS, Toulouse)
Violaine Prince (Paris 8)
Martin Rajman (EPFL, Lausanne)
Laurent Romary (Loria, Nancy)
Azim Roussanaly (Loria, Nancy)
Gérard Sabah (LIMSI, Orsay)
Patrick Saint-Dizier (IRIT, Toulouse)
Jacques Siroux (ENSSAT, Lannion)
Jacques Vergne (GREYC, Caen)
Jean Véronis (LPL, Aix)
Anne Vilnat (LIMSI, Orsay)
Michael Zock (LIMSI, Orsay)


Organisation Commitee

Organisation chair : Pierre Beust (

Hervé Déjean (GREYC - Caen)
François Gérard (GREYC - Caen)
Jean-Marc Vuillaume (GREYC - Caen)
Jacques Vergne (GREYC - Caen)

For all information :

Web page of RECITAL'99 :

Email :

Colloque RÉCITAL'99
à l'attention de Jacques Vergne
GREYC, Campus II, Université de Caen
BP 5186
F - 14032 Caen cedex, France


Useful information

Some grants covering at least TALN'99 registration fees will be awarded
by the organisation commitee to selected young researchers. Subject
to the acceptance of their paper, interested authors are invited to
send their claim to the organisation commitee with a motivated
Concerning all information about accomodation, site access in Corsica,
etc., please refer to web pages of TALN: