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Robert Luk (
Mon, 3 Aug 1998 16:10:52 +0800

> From Speers,
> > From: Dave Moffat
> > I suppose we all have to share opinions in order to shape future
> > generations; we have to decide what to teach them.
> > That is the purpose of this debate I guess, so it is important.
> I've found the discussion of the value of linguists being programmers
> interesting, but I've seen only one post (from Bill Teahan) that actually
> addressed Oliver Mason's original question: what sorts of tools and
> capabilities do corpus linguists generally require from their corpus
> analysis tools? True, not all needs can be anticipated, but surely we can
> define a core set of requirements?

Obviously one can do a survey to get a "bag of tricks". If this bag of tricks
has some relation to the nature of the subject, then including them would
have a much better rationale for the students to learn, as well as what
corpus linguists would do usually. Since using computational tools in
corpus linguistics is "relatively new", perhaps that is why we need a discussion.


Robert Luk

> Is there any interest in pursuing such a discussion in this forum?
> > David Moffat
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