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Hi Michael,

your question has been discussed earlier on this list.

for an overview of this discussion, see the collection made by
Tony Berber Sardinha:

Adam Kilgarriff has discussed this topic you're interested in extensively.
For an overview: see

See for more references, this paper I wrote:

conclusions are in short: don't use CHI-square, but do use the
log-likelihood ratio. See also Ted Dunnings article in Computational

author = {Ted Dunning},
title = {Accurate Methods for the Statistics of Surprise and
journal = {Computational Linguistics},
year = 1993,
volume = 19,
number = 1,
pages = {61--74}

happy comparing :-)


> Dear List Members,
> I am currently working on the question of whether there is a
> correlation between certain grammatical choices concerning English
> verbs and the lexical environment they are in. Let me briefly
> illustrate this: it can be shown from corpus data that the verb
> 'bring' in collocation with the noun 'charges' as object occurs in
> the passive far more often than it does on average without looking
> at any particular collocation.
> In order to show correlations of this type on a statistically sound
> basis I thought that the chi-square test might be appropriate. I
> would be grateful for any hints as to the appropriateness of this
> test for my purposes. Any information about literature describing
> the use of the chi-square test in connection with lexical
> distributions would be most welcome, as well.
> thanks
> Mike
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