ACO*HUM Advanced Computing in the Humanities

Outcomes: Studies, publications, papers, reports and reapplications

Yearly reports

  • Final first year report 1996-1997
  • Final second year report 1997-1998
  • Final third year report 1998-1999
  • Final fourth year report 1999-2000 (dissemination and exploitation)
  • Reapplications

  • Report March 1997 and renewal application for second year, 1997-1998
  • Report March 1998 and renewal application for third year 1998-1999
  • Application for 4th year dissemination, May 1999
  • Other reports and studies

  • Project description first year, 1996-1997
  • Results of the first year survey
  • Minutes of the Policy Symposium (Granada, November 1997)
  • An evaluation of the Advanced Computing in the Humanities project (by EEDS)
  • Survey on CL education: Results
  • ELSNET LE Training Showcase, NLP projects: Evaluation Report
  • Book publications

  • Program (with extended abstracts) of the conference The Future of the Humanities in the Digital Age
  • Book: Computing in Humanities Education: A European perspective
  • Conference papers

  • Paper presented at NODALIDA'98
  • Paper presented at BITE
  • Abstract of paper presented at 10th EAIE
  • Slides of presentation at 2DA CUMBRE DEL MILENIO SOBRE INFORMATICA

  • Updated September 30, 1999,