Database Files

The information provided in sections 15, Texts, and section 16, Participants, is contained in the files Extracts, Participants and Link. There is also additional information in the Extracts file (see below). The information in these files comes from our relational database. It is provided in ascii format and the fields are separated by tabs so that the files can be imported into a relational database.

1. Extracts

The information in sections 15, Texts, is provided in the file called Extracts. There is also an additional field in this file which contains transcribers' comments. The information in this field covers a range of observations that transcribers and proofreaders made about extracts. For example, notes about the quality of recordings or about public figures mentioned in an extract. This field also contains glosses of any low frequency Maori words used in an extract (see section 14.7, Maori).

2. Participants

The information in section 16, Participants, is provided in the file called Participants. The fields in this file correspond to the information provided in section 16, Participants.

3. Link

The Link file contains the information which links the Extracts file to the Participants file. This link is made via the Extract codes and actor numbers. This file also contains the speaker identification characters for each actor in a given extract, along with the number of words contributed by each participant to each interaction.