1.  Availability

The WSC is available from the Manager, Wellington Corpus of Spoken New Zealand English, School of Linguistics and Applied Language Studies, Victoria University of Wellington, PO Box 600, Wellington, NEW ZEALAND.

Email: Corpus-Manager@vuw.ac.nz

It is also available through the International Computer Archive of Modern English (ICAME) at the Norwegian Computing Centre for the Humanities, Bergen, Norway.

The WSC will only be made available to bona fide researchers and is subject to the conditions listed below.

2.  Conditions of Use

Use of the WSC is subject to the following conditions. Persons or institutions ordering copies of the material must agree to these restrictions by signing a written contract before a copy is issued. Failure to comply with these conditions will result in an institution being banned from further use of the corpus.

  1. Every effort will be made to ensure that any information and data from the corpus is safeguarded from theft, damage, loss or misuse.
  2. Information in the corpus must remain confidential to the researcher.
  3. Any data or materials released must not be copied, duplicated or published in any form or manner whatsoever, either in whole or in part, without prior permission from the Manager of the Wellington Corpus of Spoken New Zealand English.
  4. The Wellington Corpus of Spoken New Zealand English must be acknowledged in any publication(s) resulting from research on the corpus.
  5. An offprint or copy of any publication(s) resulting from research based on the corpus must be sent to the Manager of the Wellington Corpus of Spoken New Zealand English. This includes papers appearing in journals, conference proceedings, working papers, and books.
  6. Public broadcast (including seminars, conferences, etc) of material is prohibited, unless specific permission has been requested and given by the Manager of the WSC.

3.  Access to Recordings

Access to recordings from the WSC is restricted to use at Victoria University of Wellington. A small number of the recordings which are shared with the ICE-NZ corpus will be made available on CD through ICE.

Individual contributors and their kith and kin are allowed access to the relevant tapes, transcripts and any personal information, in accordance with the Privacy Act 1993.