APPENDIX 3: Summary of Markup Symbols

The following table provides a brief summary of the main markup symbols

<#> phrase/text unit marker

<?> </?> comprehension problem - transcriber doubt

<unclear>word</unclear> comprehension problem unable to even guess at
unclear utterance

<.> </.> incomplete words

<,> <,,> <,,><&>4</&> pauses

<{> <[> </[> </{> simultaneous speech

<latch> latching

<&> </&> editorial comments

<O> </O> paralinguistic anthropophonics

<laughs> </laughs> features occurring through sections of speech

<X> </X> extra corpus text

<indig=Maori> </indig=Maori> Maori words

<foreign=language> </foreign=language> words from other languages