List of Codes

General Mark-Up Codes for Frown:

<#Frown:\> Frown category (e.g. <#Frown:D05\>)

<p_> begin paragraph

<p/> end paragraph


<h_> begin headline

<h/> end headline

<h|> one word headline

<quote_> begin quotation

<quote/> end quotation

<quote|> one word quotation

<tf_> begin typeface change

<tf/> end typeface change

<tf|> one word typeface change

<*_><*/> begin/end unusable character

<foreign_> begin foreign words

<foreign/> end foreign words

<foreign|> one foreign word

<O_> begin omission

<O/> end omission

<?_>-<?/> ambiguous hyphen (line-break)

<}_><-|><+|><}/> misspelling
Example: But that’s rank hypcrasy! becomes
But that’s rank <}_><-|>hypocrasy<+|>hypocrisy<}/>!
<TranslitG_> begin transliteration from Greek

<TranslitG/> end transliteration from Greek

<&_><&/> begin/end editorial comment

<&|>sic! "sic!" comment

<sp_><sp/> begin/end superscript

<sb_><sb/> begin/end subscript


Mark-Up Codes for Unusable Characters <*_><*/>

à <*_>a-grave<*/> ñ <*_>n-tilde<*/>

À <*_>A-grave<*/> Ñ <*_>N-tilde<*/>

á <*_>a-acute<*/> ó <*_>o-acute<*/>

A@ <*_>A-acute<*/> Ó <*_>O-acute<*/>

â <*_>a-circ<*/> ö <*_>o-umlaut<*/>

 <*_>A-circ<*/> Ö <*_>O-umlaut<*/>

å <*_>a-circlet<*/> œ <*_>oe-ligature<*/>

Å <*_>A-circlet<*/> Œ <*_>OE-ligature<*/>

ä <*_>a-umlaut<*/> ú <*_>u-acute<*/>

Ä <*_>A-umlaut<*/> Ú <*_>U-acute<*/>

æ <*_>ae-ligature<*/> ü <*_>u-umlaut<*/>

Æ <*_>AE-ligature<*/> Ü <*_>U-umlaut<*/>

ç <*_>c-cedille<*/> ¡ <*_>initialexclmark<*/>

Ç <*_>C-cedille<*/> ¿ <*_>initialquestionmark<*/>

cô <*_>c-hacek<*/>  <*_>square<*/>

Cô <*_>C-hacek<*/> n <*_>black-square<*/>

è <*_>e-grave<*/> t <*_>black-triangle<*/>

È <*_>E-grave<*/> m <*_>circle<*/>

é <*_>e-acute<*/> n <*_>bullet<*/>

É <*_>E-acute<*/> · <*_>dot<*/>

eæ <*_>e-circ<*/> ü <*_>checkmark<*/>

Eæ <*_>E-circ<*/>ö Y <*_>star<*/>

ë <*_>e-trema<*/> Ö <*_>square-root<*/>

Ë <*_>E-trema <*/> ¥ <*_>infinity<*/>

í <*_>i-acute<*/> ° <*_>degree<*/>

Í <*_>I-acute<*/> ~ <*_>approximate-sign<*/>

î <*_>i-circ<*/> § <*_>section<*/>

Î <*_>I-circ<*/> ® <*_>arrow<*/>

ï <*_>i-trema <*/>

Ï <*_>I-trema <*/>

other unusable characters: <*_>unch<*/>
strings of more than 3 characters: <o_>formula<o/>
strings longer than 1 line: <o_>fomulae<o/>


Mark-Up Codes for Greek Letters

A <*_>ALPHA<*/> a <*_>alpha<*/>

B <*_>BETA<*/> b <*_>beta<*/>

G <*_>GAMMA<*/> g <*_>gamma<*/>

D <*_>DELTA<*/> d <*_>delta<*/>

E <*_>EPSILON<*/> e <*_>epsilon<*/>

Z <*_>ZETA<*/> z <*_>zeta<*/>

H <*_>ETA<*/> h <*_>eta<*/>

Q <*_>THETA<*/> q <*_>theta<*/>

I <*_>IOTA<*/> i <*_>iota<*/>

K <*_>KAPPA<*/> k <*_>kappa<*/>

L <*_>LAMBDA<*/> l <*_>lambda<*/>

M <*_>MU<*/> l <*_>mu<*/>

N <*_>NU<*/> v <*_>nu<*/>

X <*_>XI<*/> x <*_>xi<*/>

O <*_>OMICRON<*/> o <*_>omicron<*/>

P <*_>PI<*/> p <*_>pi<*/>

P <*_>RHO<*/> q <*_>rho<*/>

S <*_>SIGMA<*/> s <*_>sigma<*/>

T <*_>TAU<*/> t <*_>tau<*/>

Y <*_>UPSILON<*/> m <*_>upsilon<*/>

F <*_>PHI<*/> f <*_>phi<*/>

X <*_>CHI<*/> c <*_>chi<*/>

Y <*_>PSI<*/> y <*_>psi<*/>

W <*_>OMEGA<*/> w <*_>omega<*/>