Lancaster Parsed Corpus

This is a parsed subcorpus of the Lancaster-Oslo/Bergen (LOB) Corpus, compiled by Roger Garside, Geoffrey Leech and Tamas Varadi. It can now be obtained (under conditiond similar to those applying to other corpus holdings) through ICAME.

The Lancaster Parsed Corpus is a treebank consisting of sentences of the LOB Corpus, amounting altogether to over 133,000 words. Each sentence in the Parsed Corpus is annotated with a phrase-structure parse, represented in the form of labelled bracketing, marking the boundaries of sentence, clause, phrase, and coordinated word constiuents. The labels correspond to well-known `consensual` constituents such as noun phrases, relative clauses, infinitive clauses, etc. The annotations also include the word tags used for the Tagged LOB Corpus. See ICAME Journal 16, p. 124.

A07 418
[S[Na I_PP1A Na] [V can_MD n't_XNOT make_VB V][N a_AT club_MM N][Tb[V
pay_VB V] [N a_AT player_NN N][N[D so_QL much_AP D][N a_AT week_NN N]N]
Tb]._. S]

B04 248
[S[N \OMr_NPT Henry_NP Newton_NP [Po of_INO [N Acton_NP N] Po]N][V does_DOZ
not_XNOT want_VB V][N his_PP$ daughter_NN N] [Ti [Vi to_TO marry_VB Vi][N
a_AT Scotsman_NNP N)Ti] ._. S]


Conditions on the use of ICAME corpus material

The primary purposes of the International Computer Archive of Modern English (ICAME) are:

  1. (a) collecting and distributing information on (i) English language material available for computer processing; and (ii) linguistic research completed or in progress on this material;
  2. compiling an archive of corpora to be located at the University of Bergen, from where copies of the material can be obtained at cost.

The following conditions govern the use of corpus material distributed through ICAME:

  1. No copies of corpora, or parts of corpora, are to be distributed under any circumstances without the written permission of ICAME.
  2. Print-outs of corpora, or parts thereof, are to be used for bona fide research of a non-profit nature. Holders of copies of corpora may not reproduce any texts, or parts of texts, for any purpose other than scholarly research without getting the written permission of the individual copyright holders, as listed in the manual or record sheet accompanying the corpus in question. (For material where there is no known copyright holder, the person(s) who originally prepared the material in computerized form will be regarded as the copyright holder(s).)
  3. Commercial publishers and other non-academic organizations wishing to make use of part or all of a corpus or a print-out thereof must obtain permission from all the individual copyright holders involved.
  4. The person(s) who originally prepared the material in computerized form must be acknowledged in every subsequent use of it.

Use of ICAME texts within an institution
Though ICAME texts cannot be used and distributed outside the institution making the order, they can be freely used within the institution (department, faculty, university) for the purposes of research and teaching. To prevent any use of the material for commercial and profit-making purposes, it is advisable to limit access to registered computer users within the institution. The way this is done may vary depending upon the institution making the order.