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From: Cédrick Fairon (
Date: Wed Mar 17 2004 - 21:41:53 MET

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    Have you tried the LabEL resources? : (click on
    Recursos Publicos).

    The labEL is giving away its data for research purpose:

    Dicionários de palavras simples
    -Dicionário de formas canónicas (cerca de 120 000 entradas)
    -Dicionário de formas flexionadas (cerca de um milhão)
    -Dicionário de siglas e acrónimos (cerca de 4 000)
    Dicionários de palavras compostas
    -Dicionário de nomes compostos (amostragem com 10 000 entradas)
    -Dicionário de advérbios compostos (amostragem com 1 000 entradas)
    -Dicionário de preposições compostas
    -Dicionário de conjunções compostas
    Their full resources are also available in an Open Source corpus processor: But in this case, you don't have access
    to the raw dictionaries directly (they are compressed).



    Le Mercredi 17 Mars 2004 15:02, Mark Davies a écrit :
    > I'm looking for a thesaurus (and perhaps also a dictionary) of Portuguese
    > in machine-readable form. In other words, I don't want an off-the-shelf
    > Portuguese electronic dictionary with which I have to use the regular user
    > interface. Rather, I need one where I can access the raw data directly. I
    > know that I can access this type of information via web-based dictionaries,
    > but it would be easier to do it with a local resource on my own machine.
    > Eventually, the thesaurus (and perhaps dictionary as well) will be
    > converted to relational database form, so the closer it is to that form
    > already, the better. Also, I'm willing to pay for the resource, though
    > hopefully it won't be too much, since this will be strictly for
    > non-commercial use.
    > Thanks in advance.
    > Mark Davies
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