RE: [Corpora-List] NLP tools for Portuguese?

From: Santos Diana (
Date: Mon Mar 01 2004 - 13:48:41 MET

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    Dear João,

    At we maintain a catalogue of NLP tools for Portuguese
    (Catálogo de ferramentas) as well as a developer's oriented site to actually
    get the publicly available ones.

    We also maintain a publications catalogue about NLP dealing with Portuguese
    (Catálogo de publicações), currently with 742 entries.

    One of our main lines of activity is evaluation of Portuguese NLP, and we
    maintain a list devoted to this subject ( to which I
    suggest you subscribe, as well as a reference list on evaluation of
    Portuguese tools and systems (see Avaliação conjunta).

    I use this opportunity to ask members of this list who have developed
    systems that have been applied to Portuguese, and/or have published on this
    subject, and who are not yet mentioned in our site to help us enriching the
    catalogues above.

    Diana Santos
    Linguateca, Oslo node, SINTEF ICT
    Pb 124 Blindern, N-0314 Oslo, Norway

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     I am compiling an overview of existing tools for tagging
    Portuguese. I would be grateful if you could help me by
    letting me know about sentence chunkers, tokenizers and/or
    pos-taggers. I am interested in knowing about the size of
    the training data (if any), evaluation figures, evaluation
    methods used, type of algorithm/approach (if applicable),
    availability status, pointers to papers describing the
    tools, etc.
     To avoid e-noise, you can reply directly to me; I'll post
    a summary of the contributions.

     Thanks in advance for your help.

     João Silva

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