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From: Mark Davies (
Date: Wed Feb 04 2004 - 17:36:45 MET

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    > I'm looking for a list (2000-5000 entries) of the most common
    > words in Spanish (standard written language). Preferably -
    > from the newspaper articles domain, but other sources would
    > do as well.

    Currently the best source is:
    -- Juilland, A. & Chang-Rodríguez, E. (1964). Frequency Dictionary of Spanish Words. The Hague: Mouton.
    It's based on about one million words of literature, nearly all from Spain.

    As far as improvements on this dictionary, I'm finishing up a frequency dictionary of Spanish that will be published next year by Routledge. It is based on 20 million words of text, evenly divided between spoken, fiction, and non-fiction (including newspapers). Right now I'm finishing up the tagging and lemmatization of the corpus.

    If you want some preliminary data from this dictionary, check out my Corpus del Español ( Limit your searches to [+19misc] (the newspaper and encyclopedia register) and search by part of speech [*.v_inf], [*.adj], or whatever. It should give you some good rank-frequency listings.

    Good luck,

    Mark Davies

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