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From: William Fletcher (
Date: Wed Sep 24 2003 - 14:33:33 MET DST

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    By coincidence on Monday 22 Sept there was a report and author
    interview on National Public Radio's Morning Edition on the book
    "Spanglish: The Making of a New American Language" by Ilan Stavans of
    Amherst College. I have no idea how systematic he was in gathering his
    material, but he might be able to point the way.

    The interview can be heard at , where
    there is also a rendition of part of Don Quijote in Spanglish.

    The publisher has some excerpts on the website:

    This page has a link to his email:

    There must some on-line US radio stations where you can liisten to
    Spanglish. Our local (Washington DC area) Spanish-language station ("la
    Mega -- el poder latino") sometimes plays comic skits in Spanglish and
    pseudo-Spanglish, the latter mixing plausible-sounding but non-existent
    Spanish words which are anglified and vice-versa.

    Good luck with your thesis!
    Bill Fletcher

    P.S. Als je een beetje goochem bent kun je vast met Google wat teksten
    bij elkaar goochelen.

    >>> Paul van <> 09/22/03 8:20 AM >>>


    I'm a student of Spanish language and literature in Nijmegen, the
    Netherlands. Currently I'm writing my final thesis on Spanish in the
    United States of America, more specifically the influence of English on
    Spanish, and the language that's starting to spread due to language
    contact; Spanglish.

    In order to be able to write a good paper, I'm still looking (untill now
    unsuccessfully) for a corpus of texts in one of the Spanglish regional
    varieties. These texts should preferably be of coloquial character and
    possible, should include records of different levels of speech, i.e.
    slang, standard and formal speech.

    This e-mail address was handed over to me by my teacher and I'm hoping
    that you could possibly help me out on my missing link. Any help
    whatsoever is of great use to me.

    Do you have a corpus of Spanglish texts or do you know of any existing

    Thank you very much,

    Paul van Els
    student of Spanish
    Catholic University of Nijmegen, Netherlands

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