[Corpora-List] One million visits to the Linguateca site

From: Santos Diana (Diana.Santos@sintef.no)
Date: Mon Sep 01 2003 - 15:01:47 MET DST

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    1,000,000 visits to the Linguateca site

    Linguateca is a resource center for the computational processing of the
    Portuguese language, with three main axes of activity: information and
    dissemination of resources and results; creation of publically available
    resources (namely the AC/DC project, CETEMPúblico, COMPARA and the Floresta
    Sintá(c)tica, to name just the biggest ones); and the fostering of
    evaluation campaigns for Portuguese (with the recently organized first
    Morpholympics for Portuguese).

    We are glad to inform that the Linguateca Website (www.linguateca.pt) at
    SINTEF has in August received its one millionth visitor. Our Web presence
    has been increasing since the start (in July 1998) of the Web portal we
    maintain on a daily basis about the computational processing of the
    Portuguese language.

    As of today, we have two dedicated Linux machines running Apache servers
    which serve 1,400 HTML static pages and provide several Web services. We
    have a catalogue of 743 resources, 128 tools, 395 actors and 750 publication
    entries, in the field of natural language processing of the Portuguese
    language. In addition, we have 135 other links of general interest, and a
    forum with 200 (past and present conference and news) links.

    Our visitors (an average of 30,000 a month) come mainly from Portugal and
    Brazil, but around a quarter of those who origins can be geographically
    traced are international, i.e. they come neither from Portuguese-speaking
    countries nor from Norway).

    To know more about the Linguateca project, visit us at the above URL and
    check the documentation produced within the project.

    Diana Santos, Diana.Santos@sintef.no
    Linguateca, http://www.linguateca.pt
    SINTEF Telecom & Informatics
    Pb 124 Blindern, N-0314 Oslo Noruega

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