Re: [Corpora-List] Annotated French Corpus

From: Eckhard Bick (
Date: Sat Aug 23 2003 - 07:18:56 MET DST

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    Dear William Fletcher

    I am working on a French PoS and syntactic parser, an older version of
    which is accessible at It is based on CG, i.e.
    gives word based form and function tags like e.g. V INF (infinitive
    verb), @SUBJ (subject), @FS-<ACC (direct object finite subclause) and
    @FAUX (finite auxiliary), including verb chain marking (and thus
    Ítre/avoir-markup of the kind you need), but there is also an
    experimental PSG add-on. If you send me a running text corpus, I can
    turn it into an annotated corpus, and mail/ftp it back.

    Hope this helps,
    Best regards, Eckhard Bick

    William Fletcher wrote:
    > A colleague of mine is studying the French pluperfect. She would like to find a good-sized French corpus, preferably one with grammatical markup to distinguish use of avoir / Ítre as auxiliaries and ability to tally frequency of this structure by text type and register, and ideally accessible on line, or available at moderate charge. Any leads in this direction would be most welcome.
    > Thanks in advance,
    > Bill Fletcher

    Eckhard Bick,, dr.phil.
    SDU-Odense University, Denmark

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