re: [Corpora-List] MorphoSyntactic Analyser for Spanish in Java

From: Pasi Tapanainen (
Date: Fri Aug 09 2002 - 11:20:04 MET DST

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      The Conexor FDG parser is what you need. It produces morphological information on the words but also the relations of the words telling you : who is doing, what s/he is doing, etc. You can find the demo at The parser runs in Unix/Windows platforms and it has API also for Java. It can print the output in the XML format. There are parsers for several languages (English, French, Spanish, German, ...).

    -- Pasi

    >> Hello everybody

    >> We are looking for a morphological analyser for Spanish language. We have
    >> already checked DFKI's registry, google, etc, but with almost no result.
    >> Please, if anybody has some information, we would appreciate it a lot. Not
    >> all features listed below are compulsory.

    >> Thanks in advance,
    >> Jesus Contreras

    >> Here are some features we a re looking for:
    >> The analyser should be able to identify sentences and words within the
    >> given
    >> text, and for each word obtain all the morphosyntactic information as:

    >> 1. Part of Speech and morphological (root, gender, number, etc...)
    >> information on output
    >> 2. Implemented in java language with documentation about APIs, etc..
    >> 3. Output in a procesable format (RDF, XML, etc...)
    >> 4. Input (Dictionary/Rules) in a procesable format (RDF, XML, etc...)
    >> 5. Possibility to extend to other languages (adding rules and dictionary):
    >> English, German

    >> --
    >> ----------------------------
    >> Jesús Contreras
    >> R&D Engineer iSOCOLab
    >> +34-91-334-97-75

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