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Date: Wed Dec 05 2001 - 15:19:41 MET

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    OED online says

      orig. U.S.
      [f. hip, reduplicated with alteration of vowel as a jingling refrain
      (see quots. 19822, 1984), perh. influenced by HIP a.; cf. BEBOP n.,
      HOP n.2]
      1982 N.Y. Times 3 Sept. C4/6 He [sc. D. J. Hollywood] phrased to the
      beat of a funk record and paced himself with a repeating refrain,
      usually..a variation on the nonsense formula `hip, hop,
      1984 S. HAGER Hip Hop 109/2 Hip hopfunky music suitable for rapping; a
      collective term used to describe rap/graffiti/breaking/scratchin'. The
      term was invented by Starski, who used to chant: `To the hip hop, hip
      hop, don't stop that body rock.'

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