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Date: Mon Nov 13 2000 - 12:39:22 MET

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    At 11:18 13/11/00 +0100, Klas wrote:
    >Dear list members,
    >I am working on a dissertation in corpus lingusitics and my primary field
    >of research is automatic word categorisation and classification. I have
    >conducted a search for other works in this field. I am aware of the works
    >by John Hughes and Steven Finch as well as those of H. Schutze. Do You know
    >about others interested in the same area? Any references would be
    >Yours sincerely
    >Klas Prytz

    Dear Klas,

    Brown et al. (92) and Ney et al. (94) present similar approaches using a
    maximum likelihood approach.
    You are familiar with Chater and Finch's work. There is also Pereira et
    al.'s work on clustering of word senses.
    I gave a paper on this topic at CoNLL '00 this year, available on-line.


    Alexander Clark

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    Alexander Clark

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