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Date: Mon Nov 13 2000 - 11:54:05 MET

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    >Dear list members,
    >I am working on a dissertation in corpus lingusitics and my primary field
    >of research is automatic word categorisation and classification. I have
    >conducted a search for other works in this field. I am aware of the works
    >by John Hughes and Steven Finch as well as those of H. Schutze. Do You know
    >about others interested in the same area? Any references would be
    >Yours sincerely
    >Klas Prytz

    Dear Klas

    I point you two references that could be useful:

    * David Lewis ( presented in his
    dissertation (1992) an organization of text classification tasks in two
    tracks: document classification and term (word) classification. In the
    first chapter, he describes some term classification tasks oriented to
    Information Retrieval, like term clustering (thesaurus construction) and
    others. This organization and the referneces could be a good start.

    * Manning and Schuetze wrote a book, Foundations of Statistical Natural
    Language Processing, that include the description of some word
    classification tasks: word sense disambiguation, part of speech tagging.
    The main interest of this book is the good introduction to the technics in
    the field.
    Companion website: http://www-nlp.Stanford.EDU/fsnlp/

    Hope this helps

            Jose Maria


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