Re: Corpora: Looking for French concordances on-line

From: Jean Veronis (
Date: Sun Feb 27 2000 - 10:04:30 MET

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    At 00:46 22/02/00 +0100, David Mighetto wrote:

    >I'm steel looking for French concordances (full or DEMO) on-line.
    >Does anybody know if there are some URLs that lead me to something I can
    >use on the Internet?

    The largest French database is FRANTEXT, but the access is restrcited and
    you need to subscribe:

    Apart from the already mentioned free resources (ABU, etc.), you can also
    access to:

      Balzac :
      Rabelais : (old French, though)

    There are also French concordances on a few works at

    but the site is growing.

    You can also use the BNF site, which offers full text search, although the
    result is not presented in form of KWIC lines and is a bit difficult to use:

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