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Date: Tue Feb 22 2000 - 12:34:57 MET

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    Dear David,

    I know of a few possibilities. It really depends on what type of French you
    want to look at. There is a database that you can access for free, Glossanet
    to retieve patterns in press corpora. This database has access to articles
    from the dailies Le Monde, Libération and Le Soir and carries out
    concordances as per your request and e-mails them to you on a daily basis.
    The URL is It also has access to newspapers
    in English, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese.

    Another possibility is A CD entitled Bibliothèque Virtuelle which is not
    free but is exceptionally good value at 30 FF plus P+P. It contains 162
    pieces of French literature by 61 authors and is available from Olivier
    Tableau, bp 34, 95660 Montsoult, France. E-mail:
    The files need a certain amount of editing to put them into a form suitable
    for concordancing.

    Another possibility is the database held by the Association des Bibliophiles
    Universels at This database contains only
    literary works and the database presently stands at 263 full texts from 89
    authors. Concordances may be carried out but only on the database as a whole
    and not on individual texts.

    I hope that this helps...


    Victoria Kelly

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    > Subject: Looking for French concordances on-line
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    > Dear list members,
    > I'm steel looking for French concordances (full or DEMO) on-line.
    > Does anybody know if there are some URLs that lead me to something I can
    > use on the Internet?
    > Thanks a lot!
    > David Mighetto
    > Göteborg University

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