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In the Collins Polish /English Dictionary we did make use of corpus
resources but since I was employed only for translating and
redesigning entries, I cannot provide any more details. From what I
know, negative selection was performed based on available
opportunistic Polish language resources. However, while we're on
this point, the major strength of the dictionary is its serious, learner-
oriented style of presenting the Polish entries: grammar is given for
each entry and a carefully designed, not-tto-lengthy introduction
covering all the major declensions etc is given.


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> >Dear All,
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> >I'm overjoyed to see so many people interested in Polish corpus
> >resources.
> I understand the Collins Polish /English Dictionary was the first to
> use corpora as the basis for word inclusion. It's a great improvement
> on the others I was using.
> >As part of the PELCRA team (Polish & English Language Corpus Research
> >and Applications), I'm happy to say that we do have a corpus of
> >Polish. As you have seen, we have made a small part of our resource
> >available to TELRI, however, should anyone be more interested in
> >information about the project as a whole and work in Polish corpora,
> >please feel free to get in touch with me or any of the other project
> >members.
> >
> >Yours,
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> >Raf Uzar
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> >
> >Barbara Lewandowska (Project Head)
> >Jim Melia (British Council) Raf
> >Uzar (Learner English/Polish) Jacek
> >Walinski (Polish)
> >Agnieszka Lenko (Learner English)
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