Re: Corpora: Seeking Polish Corpus / Szukam Polski(ego?) Narodowy Korpus

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Yes - Polskiego would've been correct, though I'm not sure Polski
Korpus Narodowy sounds right - because "narodowy' sounds too
pompous to me.. I would simply prefer Korpus Jezyka Polskiego,
or Narodowy Korpus Jezyka Polskiego, if you insist (with a "hook"
under the "e" in Jezyka, of course).

Having said this, I must say yes again, afterTadeusz Piotrowski,
that there is no such corpus for Polish yet. I do only small corpus
work and my focus is English learner corpora so I've never
researched Polish extensively, relying on opportunistic materials
and colleagues who contributed the genre(s) I wanted for
comparison. For a beginning learner, the Net is the only option, I'm
afraid. Try

to find what daily papers are available. The same site one level up
will give other options for various magazine types.

Hope you'll find this helpful nevertheless.

Przemek Kaszubski

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Subject: Corpora: Seeking Polish Corpus / Szukam Polski(ego?) Narodowy Korpus

> Dear all,
> I have recently subscribed to this list. I am not involved
> professionally in linguisics.
> I am looking for current, or fairly recent Corpora of the Polish
> language to assist in learning, by focusing my learning effort in
> everyday language rather than what lecturers think everyday language
> should be. A subset of the Polish National Corpus would do as I don't
> expect my Polish vocabulary to exceed a few thousand words in the near
> future. Also are there any (freeware or shareware) concordancers and
> taggers I can get on the net to analyse Polish text?
> The Collins Polish/English/Polish Dictionary I a using says it uses
> the 'Bank of English' Corpus as the basis for word inclusion. It
> doesn't say which Polish one it uses. I have a shareware concordancer
> (Wordsmith) but I don't know if it works yet with Polish.
> Any help would be appreciated.
> --
> Frank Davidson

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