Re: Corpora: Tranformation-based learners?

Bill Fisher (
Thu, 28 Jan 1999 10:53:16 -0500

On Jan 25, 11:17am, Torbjörn Lager wrote:
> Subject: Corpora: Tranformation-based learners?
> Dear All,
> I'm currently working on an implementation of transformation-based learning
> ('Brill-learning') which I hope will be both a bit faster and a more flexible
> than Brill's own distribution (reachable from Eric Brill's homepage
> I intend to release it to the corpus
> linguistics/NLP community when it is finished.
> My question is simply if there are other alternative TBL-implementations around,
> and if anyone has performed bench-marks etc. on such systems.

Hej do,

I'm not sure just what all TBL includes, but this might qualify.
I'm presenting a paper at this Spring's ICASSP on an automatic
method for deriving a rule-based text-to-phone transducer from
a corpus of Pronlex examples, using ngram concepts common in
statistical language modeling. I can probably send you a draft
if you want, in either MS Word or Postscript form.

- Bill F.

Bill Fisher