Re: Corpora: Tranformation-based learners?

C Hogan (
Mon, 25 Jan 1999 13:12:22 -0500

>I'm currently working on an implementation of transformation-based
>('Brill-learning') which I hope will be both a bit faster and a more
>than Brill's own distribution (reachable from Eric Brill's homepage
> I intend to release it to the corpus
>linguistics/NLP community when it is finished.
>My question is simply if there are other alternative
>TBL-implementations around,
>and if anyone has performed bench-marks etc. on such systems.

There is an implementation of EDTBL as Finite-State Transducers:

Emmanuel Roche and Yves Schabes. 1995.
Deterministic Part-of-Speech Tagging with Finite-State Transducers.
Computational Linguistics. 21(2) pp. 227--253.

They claim 10 times speed-up over other taggers.


christopher hogan
computational linguistics
pittsburgh, pa

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