Corpora: POS-Tagging speed

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Sat, 16 Jan 1999 17:18:02 +0200

Dear all,

Following to Yen Ketty's posting about POS-tagger evaluation,
I would like to take the opportunity and ask another question
about POS-taggers.

I am writing an overview of POS-tagging algorithms and
I want to ask how fast state-of-the-art POS-taggers are.

Indeed, because POS-tagging accuracy is nowadays relatively
high, the speed of POS-tagger is getting to be a crucial factor for
industrial IR systems.

Information in the following format is welcome:
1. CPU type, CPU speed
2. Operating System
3. POS tagging speed (Kb/sec, Mb/sec, Kb/hour or Mb/hour)
4. Any additional information.

I will post a summary to the list.

Thank you in advance,

Alexander Mikhailian