Corpora: Italian corpora (summary)

Andrea Mulloni (
Wed, 21 Oct 1998 21:39:34 +0100

Dear all!

Here is a short summary of the links people pointed out to me:

1) The ECI corpus, obtainable at ELRA

2) You can download Italian texts from the European Union web sites, as
many texts exist in all official EU languages. This is a bit tiresome, but
if you only need 200.000 words, you can do this in less than half an hour.
One possible site is:

3) For prose, you may find something at the Oxford Text Archive, but I do
not know their internet address. Maybe it is

These were suggested to me by Ralf Steinberger

There is another very cool link I found on Michael Barlow's HP:

Italian Literature, sorted by author, reports of the Italian Commission
against the Mafia Criminality, costitution, various thesis, etc. Just take
a look...

Further, Guy Aston sent me a collocation of TRA and FRA of the LIP corpus
(De Mauro et al. 1993)





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