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>Dear Friends,
> I am a M.Sc. in computer science student and a vendor at
>IBM-Egypt. As a student interesting in NLP and as Egyptian his mother tongue
>is Arabic and intersting in it, i found that one of the main obstacles in
>achieving real progress in this field is avaliablity of Electronic Arabic
>I ask every one interested in discussing this subject to a side conversation
>in this topic .
>I havesome ideas i want to share with you.
> Mohamed Farouk Noamany
> Mohamed Farouk Noamany

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Texts/Corpora: No 0050

Index of Key Terms

Can you tell me where to find Arabic texts?

The largest Arabic corpus available is the Al-Hayat 1995 CD (for the Mac).
It has some 140MB of data (about 23M words) in about 44,000 files, all
in Arabic Mac encoding (a superset of ISO 8859-6). It is available from:

Dr. Imad Bachir
Al-Hayat Publishing Company
Kensington Centre
66 Hammersmith Road
+44 (0) 171 602 9988 (Tel);
+44 (0) 171 602 4963 (Fax)

Also, Khalid Choukri ( suggests:

You should contact either Fathi Debili from the French Research Center
(, or Ms. Nadia Hegazi from ERI - CAIRO

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