[Norsk versjon]

“Gå utenom!” (“Round about!”). “Evig eies kun det tapte”
(Lit.: “Only the lost is eternally owned” / More poetically: “Singly lost, eternally gained”)
We know the questions. We may also know that they are from Ibsen, but from which source?

From this page, it is possible to search [the Norwegian originals of] 26 of Ibsen’s plays and a collection of poems, a total of 630,00 words. It is also possible to scroll through the list of words and obtain some statistics of the most frequent words and word classes.
About the project and its contributors. Here you will also find some background literature [in Norwegian].
You can search all of the material or particular works and, if necessary, get references by using modern Norwegian spelling
Word lists of word forms and of words most frequently used, etc.
Some statistics and graphics

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