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 Who and where are we?

This page provides contact information for BATMULT and an overview of the persons and departments involved in the site.

Our mail address:

Allégaten 27
N 5007 Bergen, Norge (Norway)

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Scientific coordinator of the BATMULT site: Prof. Koenraad de Smedt

Description of the training site:

As early as the 1970s, Bergen was awarded a national centre for humanities information technology research, which quickly obtained an international reputation. Among other things, it can be mentioned that the centre contributed to the Lancaster-Oslo-Bergen (LOB) corpus which set an early standard for text corpora. The Language technology group at AKSIS (formerly HIT-centre, Humanities Information Technologies) bundles and supports many major research and training projects at the University of Bergen and equally provides scientific, technical, and administrative support to research projects and training events outside of Bergen. The following units have relevant research activities: 

* Section for Linguistic Studies (SLS), with four professors, several junior researchers, a sizable project portfolio and a full study programme in computational linguistics and language technology; 

* The Language technology group at AKSIS (before Aug. 2003 called Humanities Information Technology, HIT), which offers a large research, technical and administrative support staff. HIT has a very extensive project portfolio in relevant areas;

* Department of Scandinavian Languages and Literature (SLL), where several members of the staff are involved in work on terminology and searchable speech corpora; 

* Department of English (ENG), which has one professor extensively involved in corpus work; 

* Section for Humanistic Informatics (SHI), where the staff has competence in speech technology, programming, machine translation, statistical methods in language research; 

* Section for French (SF), with two professors whose main research interests are lexicography and electronic dictionaries; 

* Department of Information Science (IS), with one Assistant Professor focusing on information filtering and computer assisted text analysis within the fields of social and political science. 

* The Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration (NHH), with one professor working on terminology and one associate professor focusing on automatic summarisation programs. 

Research staff at the training site (2001):

Name and title
Research profile
Prof. Koenraad de Smedt
Computer models of language production, language learning tools and multilingual editorial support tools. 
Prof. Helge Dyvik
Computational multilingual semantics, semantic mirrors, machine translation and large-scale multilingual grammar development.
Prof. Magnar Brekke
Computer tools for terminology.
Prof. Gjert Kristoffersen
Norwegian phonology, development of search tools related to corpora of transcribed speech.
Prof. Odd Einar Haugen
Nordic text archive, electronic archival editions. Old Norse.
Prof. Arild Hestvik
Computer experiments in psycholinguistics, logopedics. 
Associate Prof. Christer Johansson
Computer modelling of language learning and language change.
Associate Prof. Claus Huitfeldt
Text technology, text coding, editorial technology, e-books.
Associate Prof. Trine Dahl
Lexical cohesion-based text condesation, computerised text summarisation.
Associate Prof. Johan Myking
Terminology tools. Former leader of the Norwegian Term Bank.
Associate Prof. Øivin Andersen
LSP texts and terminology (syntactic and pragmatic aspects), agentivity and underdetermination in LSP technical texts, corpus collection of LSP texts, the Nordic languages as scientific languages 
Associate Prof. Harald Ulland
Contrastive French-Norwegian phrasal lexicology based on electronic dictionaries in the INTEX linguistic development environment.
Associate Prof. Tove Jacobsen
Bilingual lexicography, electronic dictionaries, contrastive linguistics, phraseology.
Dr. Victoria Rosén
Multilingual automatic proofreading and large-scale computational multilingual grammar development.
Dr. Paul Meurer
Programming, large-scale lexicography, multilingual term banks, parsing, tagging, access protocols.
Dr. Lars Johnsen
Computational syntax and semantics, statistical methods in linguistics, language philosophy.
Assistant Prof. Kolbjørn Slethei
Recently recruited with two years of experience from speech technology R&D in the private sector.
Assistant Prof. Brit Helle Aarskog
Information and documentation, information filtering, computer assisted text analysis (quantitative and qualitative techniques combined) within the fields of social and political science, hypertext design.
Senior technician Knut Hofland
Large-scale corpora, parallel corpora, web farming, parallelisation algorithms.
Researcher Martha Thunes
Translational complexity with reference to the language pair English-Norwegian. Possibilities for automation of translation.
Special Consultant Sindre Sørensen
Lisp programming and teaching, text processing, User Interfaces, XML, system administration, maintenance and programming for SQL databases.
Special Consultant Vemund Olstad
XML encoding, XSL stylesheet, edition philology.
Special Consultant Johan Utne Poppe
Java programming, corpus work, web interfaces.
Programmer Jarle Bareksten
Programming, archive linking, corpus adaptation, corpus development.
Research Fellow Magnhild Selås
Development of search tools for corpora of transcribed speech. 


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