Financial agreement number: D26030-CP-1-99-1-NO-ETN
Part 3: Project outcomes and products
Section A - Summary tables

Table 1: Conferences and seminars
Title of event Location Number of participants Type of dissemination of results
Preparatory meeting (ACO*HUM, SCS, ELSNET, ISCA, EACL) NL, Utrecht 10 C3, C6
Joint TNP conference (ACO*HUM, SCS) CZ, Praha 55 C3, C6
Joint TNP review conference (ACO*HUM, SCS) UK, Barnsley 33 C3, C6
Working group seminar UK, London 8 C3, C6
Working group seminar UK, Sheffield 6 C3, C6

NB. Table 1 lists only events under the initiative of the project.  Contributions of the project to other events is not listed here, but is included in Part 2.1.

Table 2: Materials, publications, courses, reports, studies, etc.
Type of product Title of product Type of dissemination
A11 JEWELS: Joint European Website for Education in Language and Speech C6
A11 ALLC Education Website C6

NB. Table 2 lists only main dissemination sites, not their individual components, or project-internal working materials.  A more detailed breakdown of material components is given in Part 2.2.