J ø r g e n   K n u d s e n


Étude for computer and eight loudspeakers

Short description:

The composition focuses on sound dynamics, where the sound comes from eight loudspeakers.

The patches used in the first part were obtained by sampling keyboard sounds and digitally processing those samples. Different bandwidths and peak gatings were used in filtering. For the second part, recognizable concrete sounds of wind, water and labour activities were used.

The processed keyboard sounds are used in the first eight midi channels. Starting with a simple shift in two tempos, a rhythmic variation of patterns over the eight channels develops in various overlapping not quantized tempos. The original composition called for eight electronic relays to divide the sound over eight speakers from a single output, but the present version divides different patterns simultaneously over eight separate outputs.

The broad lines of the piece were first sketched on paper. The piece was then worked out with the Cubase VST sequencer with sounds processed on an Akai S-3000i sampler. The same equipment is used to directly generate the music during the performance.


Jørgen Knudsen has a degree in chemical engineering and also studied theatre science and history of art at the University of Bergen. But in the past few years, he has worked as a self-taught composer and musician. Computers and sound samplers are his instruments. He has composed chamber music, has done installations and performances, and has composed for theatre and dance. He has cooperated with the choreographer Jo Strømgren in four music dance performances.