September 25-28, 1998 



List of demonstrations

  • Tom Backer Johnsen & Simon Duff: Tracing student activity by web page reauthoring with a CGI script
  • Caroline Blenkin: Publishing in the Internet age: Examples in the humanities and social sciences sector
  • Lou Burnard: Exploring the BNC with SARA
  • R. De Keyser, K. Rogiers & Frederik Truyen: The Maerlant-project on computer-assisted learning of historical skills: Can hypertext supersede programmed instruction?
  • Klaus Fellbaum & Jörg Richter: Human speech production using interactive modules and the Internet: A tutorial for the virtual university
  • Tanya Gilbakken & Arild Noven: Local and international achievements in speech and language processing
  • Carsten Jopp & Espen Aarseth: CALLMOO: An Internet platform for language learning
  • Britt Kroepelien: Art on the Internet: A modern approach that brings exhibits to life
  • José Lambert: Beyond the collection of data: A corpus of translations and its interactive use in research on cultural dynamics
  • Paul Mc Kevitt: CHAMELEON and the IntelliMedia WorkBench: integrating research from the humanities, science, and engineering
  • Jorge Antonio Mejía E.: CRATILO. A software package oriented towards the lexicographical analysis of texts
  • G. Philokyprou, Anastasia Christopoulou, Antonis Tsakmakis & Albrecht Martin: The PRODICOS project
  • Signe Marie Sanne: Pedagogical programs - from testing to presentation of curriculum