Minutes of the first meeting between ELSNET, the TNP on Speech Communication Sciences and the TNP on Advanced Computing in the Humanities (ACO*HUM).

Utrecht, May 21, 1997

Present: Steven Krauwer (coordinator ELSNET), Yvonne van Holsteijn (assistant coordinator ELSNET), Gerrit Bloothooft (coordinator TNP on Speech Communication Sciences, also convenor of the Training & Mobility Task Group, ELSNET), Koenraad de Smedt (coordinator ACO*HUM, also member of the Training & Mobility Task Group, ELSNET).

The meeting was intended as a preliminary exploration of possibilities for future cooperation between the three networks. The networks have the following related goals:

The desirability of cooperation between the three networks involved is apparent from their common interest in Computational Linguistics and Language Technology education. The three networks have complementary perspectives on this field where activities can be oriented towards a wide audience of students and professionals with broad common interests. The following areas could lend themselves for joint activities:

Information dissemination

It is agreed that the three networks will disseminate relevant information on behalf of each other in newsletters and web pages.

Promotion of educational research activities

The following educational research activities will be considered as possible joint undertakings:

The TNPs have extremely tight budgets, which sets severe limits on investment in the latter kind of activities. ELSNET views the proposed curriculum and ODL activities as low-budget activities.