Database on Educational Materials and Tools in Language and Speech


Why reinvent the wheel?

Many teachers and learners are looking for educational tools and materials, but do not find a good overview of what is available.  Our concern is to provide a database of existing educational materials and tools for language and speech processing.

Scope of educational materials and tools

The database contains pointers to electronically available courses, exercises, corpora, demos and other resources.  Most of the material is on the Web, while some is on CD-ROM or printed.  There is no geographical limitation, but the material must be specific for teaching or learning language and speech.  It is not meant to be a bibliography.

Searching the database

Each entry is coded with attributes (such as topic, author, etc.) that are searchable.   There is also a system for adding and viewing comments to existing entries.  There is no need to log in or register.  All materials can be accessed by any modern Web browser.

Submitting new entries

Authors and users of materials are invited to submit reviews of tools and materials.  Before submitting a new entry, please check if an entry is present.  If so, you may provide comments or modify an entry, rather than submitting a new entry.  New entries and modifications are subject to approval by the editor.